2018 Film and Screenplay Awards

Thank you to all the filmmakers and patrons who attended this year’s Short. Sweet. Film Fest.  This year was by far our highest attended festival!

Congratulations to the 2018 award winners:

Best of the Fest: Birthday Night
Best Short. Sweet. Film: Last Call Lenny

Best Drama: How You Are to Me
Outstanding Drama: Bear with Me
Honorable Mention: The Last Embrace, Walking Supply

Best Comedy: Norman Pinski Come Home
Outstanding Comedy: Rekindled
Honorable Mention: Able, The Last Drop

Best Nonfiction: Sisterly
Outstanding Nonfiction: Pieces of String: A brief history of the artist Robert Winokur
Honorable Mention: ABC, Skuggi (Shadow)

Best Animation: Our Wonderful Nature – The Common Chameleon
Outstanding Animation: The Man with a Plan
Honorable Mention: Muscle Memory, Blows with the Wind

Best Local Film: Gotta Groove Records
Outstanding Local Film: Wish You Were Here
Honorable Mention: Revolution, Loss and Found

Best Student Film: Human Kaleidoscope
Outstanding Student Film: Backpedals
Honorable Mention: I Have to Kill My Professor, All or Nothing

Best International Film: Backstory
Outstanding International Film: Cobblers Hands in Asakusa
Honorable Mention: Born, Bone, Boon, The Sad Monk

Best Horror Film: Three
Outstanding Horror Film: Checkmate
Honorable Mention: Possession, The Sleeping

Best LGBTQ Film: Love, Steve
Outstanding LGBTQ Film: Sisak
Honorable Mention: Like Father, Easy, a 3-Minute Love Story

Best Experimental Film: Shot
Outstanding Experimental Film: Molasses & Lemon

Best Music Video: Annihilation
Outstanding Music Video: Only Rain Without You
Honorable Mention: Our Pain, Unscathed

Best Screenplay: Dakota Caves – 2 Miles
Outstanding Screenplay: Sugar
Honorable Mention: Melvin’s Palate, The Marker

2017 Film Awards

A big thank you to those who submitted films or attended this year’s festival! Three days, 95 screenings, and 32 Q&A sessions later, here are the top film awards:

Best of the Fest: Selling Rosario
Best Short. Sweet. Film: Moon of Sleepless Night

Best Fiction: That Party That One Night
Outstanding Fiction: Renae
Honorable Mention: Coming to Terms, The Beautifully Drowned

Best Nonfiction: 7 Years of Darkness
Outstanding Nonfiction: The Radical Jew
Honorable Mention: The Call From the Sea, Tea in the Land of Thunder – Field Notes from Darjeeling

Best Animation: I Need My Monster
Outstanding Animation: Coke Habit
Honorable Mention: Refugee Camp, The Owl and the Lemming

Best Local Film: Draw Hard
Outstanding Local Film: Make America Great Again
Honorable Mention: The Silence of War, One on One

Best Student Film: Burn
Outstanding Student Film: Marc Chung Protects His Address
Honorable Mention: The Frontier, The Bop Stop

Best International Film: The Painter
Outstanding International Film: Normal
Honorable Mention: Cradle, Best Before End…

Best Horror Film: The Vanity
Outstanding Horror Film: Earworm
Honorable Mention: Dead Worries

Best LGBTQ Film: I’ve Lost My Taste for Yogurt
Outstanding LGBTQ Film: French Kiss
Honorable Mention: It Gets Better?

Best Experimental Film: Faux Solo
Outstanding Experimental Film: Once Upon a Dream
Honorable Mention: The Chain, News from the Sun

Best Screenplay: Grandpa’s Getaways
Outstanding Screenplay: Doctors Without Boundaries
Honorable Mention: The Lift