2012 Festival Awards

Thanks to everyone who came out to support the festival! Below is a list of the festival  award winners:

Best Animation:  Shadow Mischief
Best Nonfiction:  Templeton Rye: Iowa’s Good Stuff
Best Fiction:  Can’t Dance
Honorable Mention Student Film:  Alone Together
Best Student Film:  Madly Unto Eternity
Honorable Mention Local Film:  The Tell-Tale Heart
Best Local Film:  Self-Storage
Best of the Fest!:  Wolf Call
Best Short. Sweet. Film:  Braineater

Check out the gallery of photos taken throughout the day here!

2012 Festival Schedule

The 2013 Festival schedule will be posted soon. Below is the 2012 schedule.

Time Film
11am-11:30am Set-up/Arrival Time
11:30am-11:40am Introduction
11:40am-12:02pm The Tell-Tale Heart
12:03-12:08 Q&A with Director
12:09-12:22 Foodie
12:23-12:24 Cockereis Egg
12:25-12:48 Alone Together
12:49-12:56 The Things My Father Never Taught Me
12:57-1:09 Wolf Call
1:10-1:28 Ragman
1:29-1:32 Morning Chit Chat
1:33-1:38 Q&A with Director
1:39-1:52 Madly Unto Eternity
1:53-1:58 The Bench
1:59-2:23 Nobody’s Child
2:24-2:36 Caleb’s Gift
2:37-2:42 Q&A with Director
2:43-3:04 Finding Manjushri
3:05-3:10 Braineater
3:11-3:26 Can’t Dance
3:27-3:55 Templeton Rye
3:56-3:58 Shadow Mischief
3:59-4:01 Henry the Human and Denny the Dinsoaur
4:02-4:07 Q&A with the director
4:08-4:19 Bathing a Single Girl
4:20-4:32 Ettiquette
4:33-4:38 Q&A with director
4:39-4:46 Searcy County
4:47-5:00 Crystalline
5:01-5:06 Q&A with director
5:07-5:19 Gemalogia
5:20-5:24 Self-Storage
5:25-5:39 Meaning of Life
5:40-5:45 Q&A with director
5:46-6:01 Logan’s Power
6:02-6:20 Dark Before Dawn
6:21-6:26 Q&A with Director
6:30-6:45 Awards