Festival Schedule

Short. Sweet. Film. Festival 2013 Schedule is below:

(Updated Feb. 7th)

Time Film
12:00pm-12:06pm Murder at MidnightMurder at Midnight
Directed by: Jeff Yanik
6 minutes
One night a series of strange events places a young horror / suspense novelist into a scenario similar to the ones found in her books. Fantasy or reality?
12:06-12:16 Q & A with Jeff Yanik
12:16-12:31 Finding Ambrosia
Finding Ambrosia
Directed by: Colin Scully
15 minutes
On his deathbed, a wizened alchemist must travel through time to fix his broken past.
12:32-12:47 Grasshopper!
Directed by: Ryan Roy
15 minutes
An average suburban housewife tries to stop her neighbor from going on a rampage after he witnesses a gruesome attack.
12:48-12:58 This is Kevin
This is Kevin
Directed by: Cory Pratt
10 minutes
Kevin is a hardworking college student from East Tennessee who, unlike most guys, was actually born a girl. From an early age he always felt that he was born into the wrong body, but he never discovered his true identity until he discovered what being Transgender really means.
12:58-1:08 Q & A with Cory Pratt
1:09-1:19 Statue
Directed by: Andrew Bryan
10 minutes
A lonely, ‘living-statue’ street performer in the French Quarter of New Or-leans tries to win the heart of a nearby street musician.
1:20-1:27 The Drop
The Drop
Directed by: Marvelyne Engel
7 minutes
Can you imagine taking a young man, newly blinded, and having him dropped off in an unknown location – miles from his destination – with the responsibility of finding his way back with out asking for assistance? This is the true life story portrayed in ‘The Drop.’ Marcus Engel was 18 years old when the car he was riding in was hit by a drunk driver. Through 2 years of hospitalization and rehab he worked with one goal in mind: re-claim his life. The driving desire to return to college and capture life began with a journey of learning new skills and adapting to a world of darkness.
1:28-1:41 The Best of Both Worlds
The Best of Both Worlds
Directed by: Michael Dunker
13 minutes
Struggling to find a normal woman, Charlie meets Michelle and questions if he can accept the ‘Best of Both Worlds’ when she reveals she turns into a guy named Michael during the day.
1:41-1:51 Q & A Session with Michael Dunker
1:52-2:17 2 Hours
2 Hours
Directed by: Michael Ballif
25 minutes
A nameless survivor is ambushed and infected with the virus. A beautiful gift to the world.
2:18-2:24 Shift Plus
Shift Plus
Directed by: Aaron Lenard
6 minutes
Shift Plus is a story about a couple, meeting for a 1st date, and a color-changing device that ‘enhances’ one’s appearance.
2:24-2:34 Q & A with Aaron Lenard
2:34-3:00 — Break —
3:00-3:14 Death by Chinese Junk
Death by Chinese Junk
Directed by: Peter Navarro
14 minutes
Death By Chinese Junk highlights the product safety, human rights, eco-nomic, and national security consequences of buying cheap, illegally subsi-dized products ‘Made in China.’ Through compelling interviews, viewers will see that products from China are not only often very hazardous to one’s health.
3:15-3:27 Flight of the Tortoise
Flight of the Tortoise
Directed by: Noam Greif
12 minutes
Doron, a 30-year-old teenager, has always lived in the Kibbutz in relative peace with his mother Soshanna and Yehezkel, his pet tortoise. But when Naomi, his older brother’s city girlfriend stays at the house to redecorate, she will change more than Doron ever expected.
3:28-3:33 Remarkable
Directed by: Travis Pollert
5 minutes
An experimental look at the joy two people discover in a days’ play.
3:34-3:54 Fusion: The Art of Collaborations
Fusion: The Art of Collaborations
Directed by: Travis Pollert
20 minutes
“Fusion” is a story that reveals the art of collaboration, the trials of the collaborative process, and the empowerment that comes from getting it right as it follows Dance Theater through an international artist exchange with Sri Lankan choreographer Kapila Palihawadana.
3:54-4:04 Q & A with Travis Pollert
4:06-4:15 The Painted Girl
The Painted Girl
Directed by: Ben Kadie
9 minutes
The story of Megan, a closeted gay 15 year old, who runs away from her mother’s expectations. Hiding in an abandoned subway tunnel, she uses spray paint to create art for her mother. Megan hopes that through this gallery of graffiti she can help her mother understand who she is.
4:16-4:34 Electric Theatre Arcade
Electric Theatre Arcade
Directed by: Jason Badgett
18 minutes
Mike Freeland is a collector of classic video arcade games. He is deter-mined to open up a full scale 1980s style arcade. This process involves finding the old games and restoring them, as well as working out the busi-ness side of things. The collapse of the arcade industry is also explained as Mike uncovers these past treasures.
4:35-4:45 Invisible Hero
Invisible Hero
Directed by: Brian Arnold
10 minutes
A condemned building’s superintendent weathers a crisis of faith and emerges the accidental hero.
4:45-5:15 — Break —
5:15-5:41 Delivery in 29
Delivery in 29
Directed by: Jake Kostelnik
26 minutes
Matt & Alex are struggling with the monotony of their dead-end pizza de-livery job in Cleveland. Can they escape before its too late? Or are they doomed to work for morons forever?!?
5:41-5:51 Q & A with Jake Kostelnik
5:51-6:00 Grandma
Directed by: Andrew Mui
9 minutes
A young boy who is a filmmaker hopes to capture the memory of his Grandmother as he sees the deterioration that time has done.
6:01-6:06 Puppet Decalouge
Puppet Decalouge
Directed by: Rachel Appelbaum
5 minutes
Puppets behaving as humans encounter their world in a reality TV genre with a vampire coming of age spoof.
6:07-6:30 Marty
Directed by: Geoffrey James
23 minutes
The story follows Marty, a man who refuses to accept today’s trends, and instead prefers the trends of the ‘70s. Everyone writes Marty off as weird, however that all changes when he has an unexpected encounter with the girl of his dreams, Roxie. Soon enough, Roxie becomes Marty’s only true friend, who can see past all the paisley and platform shoes. With the help of Roxie, Marty learns that it’s perfectly normal to be different.
6:30-6:40 Q & A with Geoffrey James
6:40- Reception (Free Food and Live Music)
Time Film
12:00pm-12:19pm Ascendancy
Directed by: Derek Cepik
19 minutes
In a poverty stricken country, the government uses drugs and religion as a means to take control over its people. Amongst the madness, a man strug-gling with an addiction finds a new means to feed his fix. Little does he know that his new score will open up his mind to the governments true plans of Ascendancy.
12:19-12:29 Q & A with Derek Cepik
12:30-12:51 Family Shorts
Family Shorts
Directed by: Casey Neistat
21 minutes
Family Shorts is a short film by Casey Neistat compiling footage and pho-tos from his own videos and family albums.
12:52-12:56 Dance of the Books
Dance of the Books
Directed by: Lorena Fernandez
4 minutes
Look what surprises these timid books are hiding on a stormy night…
12:57-1:03 Sidekick
Directed by: Amrinder Jassar
5 minutes
Sidekick is a short film about a farmer, Utth, who lives in the middle of no-where. One day he runs out of gas for his truck and there is nobody around to help him. Utth has to figure out an alternative solution to deliver his carrots to the market.
1:04-1:19 One in Eight
One in Eight
Directed by: Alejandra Duque
15 minutes
‘One in Eight’ encourages one to learn from the will and strength of women who have survived breast cancer. One in eight women are diag-nosed with breast cancer, a cancer that challenges their sexuality, strength and livelihood. There is no answer to how to live with cancer, there is no cure, but there are people willing themselves through it every-day. Their will is what inspires the people around them.
1:20-1:44 By the Book
By the Book
Directed by: Jake Glavies
24 minutes
Still reeling from being dumped, best friends Leo and Kate decide the best way to get over their exes is to rebound with each other. With a misguided self-help book as their handbook to happiness, the pair find love where they least expected.
1:44-1:54 Q & A with Jake Glavies
1:55-2:15 Summer of Lost Love
Summer of Lost Love
Directed by: Anthony Tucker Jr.
20 minutes
Kris feels something is missing in his love life. After meeting a gay guy named Chester, who introduces him to Julia (his soon to be new girl-friend). Kris starts to feel different around Chester when Julia leaves for her internship. Kris and Chester start to spend more time together and start up a relationship. When caught in the act by Julia, Kris is now faced with a choice of man or woman.
2:15-2:25 Q & A with Anthony Tucker
2:25-2:55 — Break —
2:55-3:15 Motorbike Midwife
Motorbike Midwife
Directed by: Masumi Higashi
20 minutes
The documentary, Motorbike Midwife tracks the Herculean efforts of a fearless nurse, Linda Mba as she rides a motorbike across remote parts of Ghana to save mothers’ and babies’ lives. With painful births come great personal joys for all, plagued by medical complications, poor facilities and dangerous roads.
3:16-3:26 The Pussy
The Pussy
Directed by: Dan Shapiro
10 minutes
A young man attempts to prolong a selfish lifestyle with his boyish charm.
3:27-3:42 Passion and Acceptance: a short film about Natinal Geographic Photographer William Albert Allard
Passion and Acceptance: a short film about Natinal Geographic Photographer William Albert Allard
Directed by: Wayne Thomas
15 minutes
William Albert Allard has worked 48 years as a photojournalist for Na-tional Geographic. He has defined a style of photography through his use of color and composition. By gaining acceptance with his subjects, Allard is credited as having changed the style of the National Geographic Magazine to a more humanistic approach. This film highlights his use of color along with his method of getting into communities
3:43-4:04 The Patriot Act
The Patriot Act
Directed by: Kyle Einhorn
21 minutes
A home invasion robbery crew plan the perfect heist, but once they begin the operation are waylaid by mistakes and circumstances that force them to examine who they really are as Americans.
4:04-4:14 Q & A with Kyle Einhorn
4:15-4:19 An Incomplete List of Things We Left Behind on the Moon
An Incomplete List of Things We Left Behind on the Moon
Directed by: Arien Parsa
4 minutes
We came. We saw. We littered. On each of mankind’s six historic moon landings, dozens of objects were left behind– indelible imprints that out-lasted Neil Armstrong’s famous first footprint (which was likely obliterated during the lander’s return liftoff).
4:20-4:34 I Need a Hero
I Need a Hero
Directed by: W. H. Bourne
14 minutes
A brief look at the evolution of LGBT representation in comic books over the past 30 years.
4:35-5:00 July 1st, An Unhappy Birthday
July 1st, An Unhappy Birthday
Directed by: Miao Li
25 minutes
Handover Law met his girlfriend, Rayna, at the last July 1st march in 2010. This year, they will march again to celebrate their meeting, his birthday and protest the government. This joyful day takes a turn when Rayna runs into her ‘mainland Chinese’ schoolmate.
5:00-5:30 — Break —
5:30-5:44 Melodico
Directed by: Valerio Ciriaci
14 minutes
Melodico is a short documentary chronicling the story of Tony Maiorino, a modern day Italian immigrant living in the Bronx’s Little Italy. Tony’s a nor-mal guy on the surface. He runs a barbershop, he raises his family, he has his vices, but Tony hides a passion: between customers, the barber turns singer, trading in his scissors for a keyboard and microphone.
5:45-5:48 The Bird
The Bird
Directed by: Alex Strader
3 minutes
A short animation about a guy who just won’t stop talking.
5:48-5:58 Q & A with Alex Strader
5:59-6:03 Assisted Living
Assisted Living
Directed by: David Kuskie
4 minutes
Gertie, an elderly woman in a retirement community, encounters a series of unfortunate events leading to a near-death experience and is forced to rely on an incompetent employee for salvation.
6:04-6:11 The Diary of a Slumlord
The Diary of a Slumlord
Directed by: Matt Reaves
7 minutes
An interview with a fictional crime lord before he is sentenced to prison.
6:12-6:18 KILFS
Directed by: Peter Balint
6 minutes
Three women, two murders; just another day in pre-menopausal suburbia.
6:18-6:28 Q & A with Peter Balint
6:30-6:40 — Awards —
6:40- Reception (Free Food and Live Music)