2014 Festival Awards!

Thank you all who attended, performed music and submitted films to the 2014 Short. Sweet. Film Fest!  We packed the house both days and enjoyed great live music on Sunday evening.  We look forward to receiving more films and an even larger turnout next year!


Best Short. Sweet. Film: Love at First Sight

Best of the Fest: The Favorite

Best Local Film: Project 5: When I Hear Music

Outstanding Local Film: Re {Fresh} – It Takes a Village

Honorable Mention Local Film: Andrew, Thanksgiving at the Morgans

Best Fiction: The After

Outstanding Fiction: The Comedian

Honorable Mention Fiction: The Heebie-Jeebies, Posey

Best Nonfiction: Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution

Outstanding Nonfiction: Give

Honorable Mention Nonfiction: Treasure-The Story of Marcus Hook, Haenyeo: Women of the Sea

Best Animation: Feed

Best International Film: Ivy

Outstanding International Film: Evaded

Honorable Mention International Film: Sad Monster

Best Student Film: Jason in Wonderland-Ceasefire and the DMZ

Outstanding Student Film: For the Love of Food

Honorable Mention Student Film: A Manly Craft, No Sale

2013 Festival Awards

Thank you everyone who attended the Short. Sweet. Film Fest!

The 2013 Short. Sweet Film Fest awards are as follows:

Best: Motorbike Midwife
Supporting: Passion and Acceptance
Honorable Mention: Death by Chinese Junk
Best: Dance of the Books
Supporting: Sidekick
Honorable Mention: Invisible Hero
Best: Finding Ambrosia
Supporting: By the Book
Honorable Mention: Delivery in 29
Best: Melodico
Supporting: Assisted Living
Best: Fusion: The Art of Collaborations
Supporting: Marty
Honorable Mention: This is Kevin
Honorable Mention: KILFS
Farthest Traveled: Patriot Act
Best of the Fest: Statue
Short. Sweet. Film: The Painted Girl