2019 Film and Screenplay Awards

Thank you to all the filmmakers and patrons who attended this year’s Short. Sweet. Film Fest. Besides having the most submissions we ever received, we also had our highest attendance numbers!
A big thank you to everyone at the 9 hotel and of course the dedicated film fest staff, judges, and hosts. So many wonderful people come together to celebrate film.
Please join us in celebrating our awards winners. See you next year!
Best of the Fest – The Unconditional
Best Short. Sweet. Film. – Bride of Frankie
Best Drama – The Cape
Outstanding Drama – Characters
Honorable Mention – Silence
Honorable Mention – Novela Picaresca
Best Comedy – The Chair
Outstanding Comedy – Chuchotage
Honorable Mention – Sac de Merde
Honorable Mention – The Real Santa
Best Documentary – Lost in Carranza
Outstanding Documentary – Below Average Brain
Honorable Mention – Rust Belt New Americans
Honorable Mention – My Paintbrush Bites
Best Animation – Iskabittle
Outstanding Animation – Icons
Honorable Mention – My Secret School Days
Honorable Mention – That Snat!
Best Local Film – The Autumn Prince
Outstanding Local Film – Down Again
Honorable Mention – My Name is Marc, and You Can Count on It
Honorable Mention – Van’s Ice Cold Lemonade
Best Student Film – Anything and Everything
Outstanding Student Film – I Speak for the Trees
Honorable Mention – Party of Two
Honorable Mention – Eternity
Best International Film – Hands Free
Outstanding International Film – Coward
Honorable Mention – Who Sank Your Ships?
Honorable Mention – Danny & the Bot
Best Horror Film – Lord, Have Mercy
Outstanding Horror Film – Dirt
Honorable Mention – Unexpected Company
Honorable Mention – Don’t Look Into Their Eyes
Best LGBTQ Film – Foible
Outstanding LGBTQ Film – ASIO
Honorable Mention – Feelings for Her
Best Music Video – Grow Old
Outstanding Music Video – Energy
Honorable Mention – Pangea
Honorable Mention – Old Friends
Best Experimental Film – Young + Beautiful
Outstanding Experimental Film – Advent Calendar
Best Fan Fiction Film – Bucketheads
Best Screenplay – Concealed Carry
Outstanding Screenplay – Evangeline
Honorable Mention – The Robbering