2021 Festival Selections

The following films were selected for the 2021 Short. Sweet. Film Fest. Films may be screen online on-demand, in person, or both. On-demand details are forthcoming. Our in-person event schedule is now available.

218Sam PinnelasEight-year-old Colin and his mother are sequestered in an apartment under the supervision of two police officers. While she leaves every day, Colin is left alone without answers or guidance.
16/8Sasha ParacelsChained to a pipe in a dark room, a young woman must fight her way out and discover the dark secret to her imprisonment.
303: Endless NightGeena JungA girl who stays on the bus from one end to the other. She is nauseated by the exhausting, repeated long journey and is haunted by mysterious visions caused by her negligent guardians. White shadows are stalking her.
4622 Stillwater CircleKati RehbeckSadie spends a summer afternoon around her hometown in Wisconsin, while an old flame tries to find a new spot in her life.
50 Little BirdsHannah LindgrenIndiana folk artist Geoff Davis reflects on his childhood, career, mental health, and how he found peace through reconnecting with his life’s purpose.
7 Steps to Inspire Creative WritingZebulon GriffinA politely crazed fan secretly intervenes in the life of her new favorite novelist. Her clandestine actions yield unintended consequences driving the author to the brink of madness.
A Normal CoversationGairo CuevasTwo teenagers debate the issue of gun control on their walk home after leaving a memorial service honoring friends they lost during a school shooting.
AineAlexandria Cree, Kristen HilkertThis is the story of Aine a magical, feisty young girl with Down syndrome.
Alive DayLindsay O'KeefeAgainst incredible odds, a young swimmer tells her inspiring story.
AltruistAntonio Harper, Abby BurtonA young man stumbles upon a scene that forces him to become a part of the never-ending cycle of social injustice.
AlvoradoCarolina NevesVasco’s exposed to his brother's extremist ideals, expressed through the National Socialist Black Metal genre. However, Vasco doesn't identify with the movement's nature and hides from his brother an essential aspect of his life, in order to avoid a fraternal break, while tracing the path of self-acceptance.
Answer MePatrick MastellerA fake halloween phone starts getting strange phone calls.
Bag Your FaceKeith EyrichTaking the after-school special format and crashing it at high speed head-on with a whirligig of 90's VHS/video game/Nickelodeon trash imagery, this film is pure Nuclear Nostalgia.
Becoming KellyValery Lessard, Lisa Baron, Bryan FitzgeraldAfter a bad break-up, a vanilla young woman spirals into a Machine Gun Kelly obsession, leading her on the path to a life-changing rap career.
BittersweetMax MirA hopeless baker's attempt at taking his own life is interrupted by a persistent child in need of a birthday cake.
Block UniverseSimone MassisAfter a bout of insomnia, our unknowingly mentally ill main character, Don, starts hallucinating and has trouble deciphering what is real and what isn’t.
Blood GeyserJohn MaslowskiA women is killed by a creature of unknown origin.
Br'er Rabbit & AnasiObediya Jones-DarrellOur friends live in a fictional tropical forest, filled with lots of colourful plants and fruits. All of the children are different animals... or are they?
Brass RingZachary RossA fanatic finally meets his favorite over-the-hill wrestler at a mediocre comic book convention and attempts to make him relevant again.
BreakfastAmanda TjhinA young maid accused of stealing a precious fish seeks the help of a famed detective to clear her name.
BreaklinesMatu Harvey, Trevor ConeA young rape victim seeks revenge on her attacker.
Call the ShotDean ParkerA suicidal man forces his bartender to carry out his death wish through a life-defining conversation.
CammyWilliam PaceCammy is sick, or is she?
CasiopeaFernando MansoA captivating adventure that unravels the eternal question of humankind:What happens before/after life?
Changing TimesBernie Golias, Antonio HarperAn old man reminisces on his childhood, his father and their shared love for antique cars as he comes to realize he's part of a fading hobby.
ChhotuSuveer BhambhaniYogi, is a stressed, small-town man in his late 50’s. Soon, an unusual encounter with a strange child takes his life to turn.
Chicken of the DeadJulien DavidBernard Lepique is the CEO of “Quasi”, a company specializing in the production of half-bio, half-antibiotics chickens. Today Bernard is launching its new kind of chicken, but everything does not go as planned...
Clay MatesGracia LuA lonely boy's adoring clay creation comes to life.
Color Study Brujas del Sol 2.0Steve McGuireExperimental Music Video
ConferenceNick CavalierA comedy short inspired by Covid -19 and boredom.
CurbsideRebecca RhodesA curbside pickup worker must make to a party after work, but she can't leave until all the orders are sold. And the last order is late.
Dad, David, & DannySuveer BhambhaniDad, David & Danny is the story of Tony D’souza, his son- David and their pet- Danny. The film, in chapters, revolves around the fractured relationship Tony shared with his son and how Danny, made all the difference. 
Damned If You Do, Damned if You Don'tNick MuhlbachThe classic case of the missing parents. 
DandelionJörg Viktor Steins-LaussAn elderly man remembers the full life of love he has lived, with the help of a wish he made on a dandelion years before.
DeadlineBernie Golias, Antonio HarperA passionate collector receives an ultimatum for better or for worse.
Death ListHayden AtzbergerWhen a group of boys stumble across a hit-mans stash of money, they have to decide what to do with the money and ultimately how to face the criminal head on.
Death ProofGregory ElekA Quentin Tarantino inspired music video for the artist WIll Cherry.
Defying CancerDebra HarripAn honest, intimate documentary, which excavates one resilient cancer survivor’s journey by bringing a dark subject matter out into the light cancer diagnoses is a reminder to live life to the fullest.
Dream AwayAlan SanchezMusic Video
Ein Man Stande (One Man Stand)Ryan PhoenixTwo German soldier brothers, part of the Nazi machine with two very different hearts. This short black and white film noir is not intended to be a political piece but a story about humanity.
Eye ExamAislinn ClarkeA woman regrets attending a free eye exam when she begins to suspect that her optometrist has nefarious intentions.
Feeling FlushErin Brown ThomasVicki idolizes her new girlfriend Samantha, but draws the line when it comes to her time on the porcelain throne. Their small bathroom gets awkward when Samatha challenges Vicki’s definition of intimacy.
Flashback to the PoolLucas Stanton, Peter RoadsPeters casual swim at the local pool turns into a traumatising flashback of being terrorised by a childhood swimming instructor.
FloraJavier KühnA Victorian story about life, death and everything in between.
FogKristoffer GrindheimFOG is a music video and a composition by the composer and pianist John Vegard Schow.
For LoveGeorge TutieHis wife has been kidnapped and now he must do whatever it takes to get her back.
For the Love of GodEric R. WilliamsSometimes the creative process just needs a little goose.
Forest City BluesConnor Fairfield, Richard Perrins, Osgar Nugent, James Carney, Matthew ShanahanStarted as an extended introduction to the greater Cleveland Labre Project--which aims to not only to feed those who experience homelessness, but to stoke fellowship--this documentary traces the candid and sometimes surprising stories of those who do not live "inside", and moves from there to a fuller exploration of what social mechanics in the city complicate citizens' attempts to be free of poverty and homelessness.
ForeveringJennifer ReederA young woman coping with grief fakes a pregnancy and lies to the lesbian couple she's supposed to be a surrogate for.
FoundDaniel Michael TomcikA young man finds and bonds with a stray dog only to discover that its real owner is looking for her and now he must decide whether or not he should give her up.
Frederick Von Scholar's How-To SeriesJim AllisonThanks to our new collection of how-tos, now anyone can make friends. Maybe.
Fugestsu-DoKaia RoseFugetsu-Do is more than a little candy store; since 1903 it has been an anchor for the Japanese-American community in Little Tokyo, centered at the heart of Downtown LA. At over 115 years old, this family-run business is one of the oldest in Los Angeles and its history is emblematic of the immigrant experience in America. 
GamePatrick MastellerA girl takes her weekend alone to relax, but her serenity doesn't last long when something from the woods picks her as its dinner.
Give Me Something Good to EatPatrick MastellerWhen a lazy teenager fails to hand out candy, one trick or treater will take their love of Halloween to the extreme.
Gon, The Little FoxTakeshi YashiroWhen Gon, a playful orphaned fox, finds that young Hyoju has lost his mother, he tries to comfort him and make amends for his own earlier mischiefs by secretly bringing small gifts to the boy every day.
Good HarvestMeyli MarsA loving portrait of an older Chinese American couple enjoying a summer like any other in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio.
Gramma & Ginga: The MovieJennifer Steinman SterninThe story of beloved sisters Gramma and Ginga who, at ages 104 and 99, accidentally became world-famous internet superstars.
Green CobraSigurd CulhaneGREEN COBRA is the genre-bending story of a hit-man…excuse me, “Life Ending Technician.” Who details, to a documentary film crew, her rise in a mostly male dominated field, on the backdrop of a typical day on the job; which consists of Russian mob clients, disturbing methods of torture, and maybe one too many bad ex-boyfriends.
GuardianPablo ArrebaNobody can protect you from yourself.
HateHumza Arshad, Mustapha KseibatiWhen Humza loses a friend in a stabbing, he decides to change.
He Loves Me (not)Eric R. WilliamsHe's a sucker for a red wine woman.
He's a Good KidMylissa FitzsimmonsA mother searches for her son in the aftermath of a school shooting.
Heal MeShelagh Rowan-LeggA woman walks outside on a snowy day, trying to find the thoughts that will heal her troubled mind.
HeathensCarlos Garcia, Jr.A group of heathens chases down their sacrifice before the school bell rings.
His DeathAvishai SivanFor the first time in years, secular Noah meets his Hasidic siblings in the heart of the Mea Shearim neighborhood in Jerusalem. A tense gathering to disclose the recently deceased patriarch’s will.
HobbyJessy LeighA Mother takes her Daughter to get a horse for an upcoming competition; a hobbyhorse competition.
Home FreeEddie ShiehA pandemic challenges a young woman on the path to legal immigration while sheltering in her new American home.
HometownMikhail TotAfter a rough divorce Dave decides to come back to his home town and he finds it exactly how he left it. Some things just don't change.
HumanErin Brown ThomasA woman suffering in isolation gets a taste of the spotlight.
I Am SamanthaT Cooper“I Am Samantha", by singer-songwriter Benjamin Scheuer, was inspired by his friend Samantha Williams. Director T Cooper and Allison Glock-Cooper gathered 27 trans actors to tell the story of the universal human journey to find identity, acceptance and love.
I Have to GoKaranja Yorke, Mens-Sana TamakloeAziz is put to the test when a mysterious woman lays claim to Aziz's soul. His only saviour is his brother Femi, who's love would do anything to save his brothers life.
I Like DirtShannon Lee Dawdy, Daniel ZoxIs the afterlife becoming more earthly?
IfSteve MossFrank tries to replicate the lost intimacy of his marriage with Cindy, a synthetic pleasure unit. But she has other ideas. Tasked with fleecing clients for as much as she can, he struggles to find the connection he desperately craves.
In Their NatureVanessa M. H. PowersViolet struggles to reconcile with her husband’s infidelity, despite her sister’s insistent meddling, over a weekend at the family cabin.
In These Uncertain TimesCameron MaysTwo roommates must hide the dead body of their third roommate.
IncipientElizabeth Valentine, Citlali SanchezYou are immersed in a strange room with a wo­man in all white hovering over you. As you slowly discover she's a cult leader, her terrifying agenda begins to unravel as hypnotizing supernatural forces threaten you and your fate.
InternalizedDavis Cameron Chu, Milana Scarlato, Ethan NgoA beloved office worker struggles to ignore the depressing realities of life in order to prepare for an important presentation.
InterruptionsMeredith JacksonA couple tries to have an intimate date online, but keeps getting interrupted.
Iron HeadCameron ThumanAfter his family is destroyed as a child, a broken middle school counselor seeks to reunite with his long lost sister, only to immerse himself in the horror that surrounds her in the dark underground of 1990s Los Angeles.
It's Not You, It's MeHannah LindvallAs the pandemic evolves into a national crisis, college-student Lily struggles to navigate the complexities of a budding romance as her world comes to a screeching halt.
Jack's Big IdeaRachel BartelA rag-tag college theater club struggles to work together to put on an inspiring, heart-wrenching, historical musical with a blood-sucking twist. 
Joe + CoffeeKristin WaltonThis is a short documentary about Joe, the owner of Wooden Shoe Coffee, and how he got started with the business.
Just a RideBen MathieA bicyclist is cast into an imaginative journey of the soul. What is the meaning behind the cyclical nature of existence, or perhaps, the duality of life and death? Finding the answers are as easy as riding a bike.
KazeAvery StockhoffShizuko, a young woman in a small Japanese town, spends her morning shift at a laundromat daydreaming about the windchimes outside the window.
KibblerAdlih TorresOne sorrowful girl must get kibbles for her dog, but the potential consequences weigh heavy in her mind.
Kids AgainMark Andrew HamerAnimated short about two young characters finding each other and getting nostalgic about their past.
Lazy MoneyAmani ZardoeWith their parental income cut off and only one spliff left, Full-Time Stoners/Part- Time aspiring actors Khadija, Alex, and Corrie need to make some cash - fast! 
Le Carceri UncannyMarc HaasThe interior of this place is underground, forgotten, and a small window high up becomes unreachable, staring down on the repressed human subject on whom space appears to close in. A machine rhythmically turns, powering the space while disempowering the man. The darkness in which the human resides is full of sorrow and sordidness, as he mindlessly works to keep the machine running. The days are repetitive and a descent into insanity ensues. The light becomes a hope for escape, but is life beyond what is known truly better off?
Legends of the BrushSutu (Stuart Campbell)Step into a wild collection of colorful fables created in virtual reality from the mind of Eisner-nominated digital artist Sutu. From a disgraced fashion designer's deal with an unlikely partner to a young girl's quest to find the creator of the universe, each fable features stunningly unique art styles and game mechanics.
Life HackRené Müller, Yannik LeibacherYou get what you pay for.
Life is a Two-Way DreamGjert RognliThe film "Eallin lea guovtte suorat niehku — Life is a two-way dream" shows the way in a world undergoing rapid change, with polarisation and globalisation going in many directions.
Little DoctorFanny Brondel, Kelvin Schejbal, Olivia Spadaro, Julie Gournier, Andrei Toroplean, Anyu RouauxA squirrel and a crow are fighting for the forest’s plants: the former keeps them alive, the latter kills the ones who should have died.
Living in Crime AlleyRob AylingA single father struggles to bring up his child, a huge fan of the dark knight, in downtown Gotham, known to citizens as Crime Alley.
Lost SpringLiana CohenAs Covid-19 ravages New York City, a quarantined former Opera singer reflects on her life and career.
Love and MurderTyler N. ThomasA gay couple invite a co-worker over for dinner, but the eccentric co-worker has nefarious intentions.
Lycan NoirLon & Shannon NeaseIn a town facing werewolf attacks, a woman makes her last stand in a house in the woods.
MalakoutFarnoosh AbediMusic was his passion...Love was his masterpiece…
Man in the BoxBrian LachowskiThe story of an aspiring mime who struggles to entertain people in a world where everybody hates mimes.
ManagingSebastian RicoA Mexican Restaurant Manager at the brink of bankruptcy struggles to cope as his young employees mess around during work hours in the desolated establishment. A story about finding joy in the little things and managing yourself.
May 7th, 2020Sohee KimA sister writes a letter to her older brother after a phone call. She confesses how she felt when their seemingly diverged lives intersect again through psychological pain.
MigraineJohn MaslowskiAn experimental film intended to simulate what it is like to have a migraine headache.
MinorMatteo Bontempi, Giacomo Mantovani, Andrea Panni, Pietro RepistiFrontale is a small village in the upper Valtellina, whose inhabitants have handed down for generations the miner profession, the "minör", as they say. The witness of some of the last Italian miners are used to build the narration of a forgotten- but not completely disappeared- trade, where the experience, together with the practical and professional knowledge, still unite today’s workers and yesterday’s in a collective sense of belonging.
MiragePeter-John CampbellMusic Video for "Mirage" by Indré
MonsterRaj Sekhar‘Monster’ is about a lady who is being haunted by a monster in her dreams and how it affects her reality.
MurderousLaurence J. NozikA character who picks up an apparently special guitar and drives to a motel, where he nervously waits for another courier to pick up the guitar.
My Avatar Sings KaraokeJeffrey Kraynak, Enrique NovelloComedy and chaos ensue as two people on a second date decide to finally start being honest with each other.
My Body is My HomeMarissa RoeschA short film that shows what we will do to feel comfortable in our first and longest home; our body.
Numerous DuoNick FiorellaA young Catholic school girl encounters foul spirits.
On and OnShannon WalshWhile preparing for her day, a young woman becomes overwhelmed with a dark thought and an anxiety attack ensues.
One Minute to ExplosionAvery LenzA couple has an argument at a coffee shop while unbeknownst to them there is a bomb under the table.
OrthogonalOllie RankinOrthogonal is a story of two young women from very different, but equally challenging backgrounds.
Out for FameGraham Emerson BeckIs graffiti art or vandalism? Are writers artists or vandals? Out For Fame takes an artistic approach to the subject of Cleveland graffiti and those who keep it alive.
Panic in Valley CityAntonio Harper, Abby BurtonAwakened to muffled voices and piercing light, a panic stricken couple crawl into the New Year.
Parker: A Spider-Verse Fan FilmJohnny WuOur story starts with an aged Peter Parker, who no longer desires to help anyone after the death of MJ. Parker moves away and living the rest of his life in solitude.
Piece by Piece: Ari's Story of RecoveryMichael Skinner, Jon Michael Shink"Piece by Piece" is an animated short story about one mother's journey to recovery and empowerment.
Place du SouvenirGwendolyn BuecheA college art student struggles to find his voice in his artwork
PolterÁlvaro VicarioJosé faces a paranormal event that breaks into his home. As he fights for his life against the supernatural powers, Jose will have to discover the secret behind the phenomena if he wishes to regain control of his home.
Polychrome (Starts with a Kiss)Sammy PattersonEscapism Entanglements
PossessionEmily WilsonThree girls perform a seance, which ultimately goes wrong.
Real LoveChristine ZivicA man, on a date with a mannequin, must come to terms with reality.
Red WatchDavid KennedyIn this snappy spoken-word short film saturated in primary colours, a woman recites an unrequited goodbye to her ex-boyfriend’s red watch.
Remembering Willie EarleThomas Espy, Stevie Jefferis, Cassie Harding, Frank Carroll70 years ago, Willie Earle was taken from a jail in Pickens, South Carolina and murdered by a mob for a crime that he may not have committed. Now, his childhood friend AQ remembers, in a community that wants to forget.
RobertoCarmen Córdoba González15 years have passed and Roberto is still in love with his neighbor, but she prefers to hide ashamed of her body. With his art and an old clothesline as the only ways of communication, Roberto has a plan to push his beloved to face her monsters at once.
Sam & EmmaVanessa LeighWhen their love wanes after a miscarriage, two heartbroken women try to piece together their relationship, highlighting the hardship and dysfunction that can arise from trauma and grief.
Saying GoodbyeBrian LachowskiA young woman soon becomes haunted by the mysterious entity that killed her best friend.
Scout Master's First DayPatrick DonahoeAn aspiring scoutmaster must keep his first scout out of trouble to secure the funds he needs to start his own troop.
SeekAnthony Stengel, Jaime CruzA man in a forest, tortured by flashes of war and the joy of a child, must overcome his own demons and find a clearing before it's too late.
SensorBrian L TanHaunted by his experiences from the war, a Vietnam Veteran has had enough. Placing motion sensors around his property, he's decided to face his demons once and for all.
ShutdownCindy Lartigue, Victoria Durand, Amandine Bouetard, Chloé GomezAt the very heart of a funfair stuck in time, a man goes in search of his loved one. This painful journey, between joy caught under the stone and the deafening silence of solitude, will make him face the truth.
SmokingFoster VernonCigarettes, Saxophones, Guitars and Goth Girls.
Something ScaryJoe AbriatisA storybook-for-adults exploration of the fear of the unknown.
Special DeliveryJohn McPhailA young delivery driver struggles with one simple direction: DO NOT OPEN THE BOX.
Spurs and DollsKinsley Funari, Josh MillerOur story begins in your typical Wild West stand-off. But as our our hero Deputy challenges The Brimstone Kid, it starts to become obvious this shoot off will be anything but typical.
Strange NoisesPauline NowakowskiTwo teenage brothers house and dog sit their grandmothers home while she is in the hospital. Deme, the younger brother finds his grandmothers house unsettling, especially when he begins to hear stange noises.
Summer, 16Vahan BedelianWhile playing Pokémon Go and driving, a reckless gamer runs over a mysterious creature. But when he gets out to inspect the damage, he is pulled away by the sight of an in-game lure that has been set down a dark alley.
SuperboisJon MancinettiAn indie filmmaker discovers his full potential by making a superhero movie with his brother, a young man with autism.
Tea TimeTara PriceWhile having a tea party, a little girl loses her temper and things get bloody.
Test FlightEmma Momoko FrewA bunny witch attempts to get her vegetable themed broomstick to fly.
The Boat LaunchRob Motoc, Tim HaleBlaze has gotten lazy when it comes to his relationship. His girlfriend is fed up. He receives a magical necklace that transforms him into the guy that his girlfriend wants. Will this new guy be enough to fix their relationship?
The Brick House in the WindSangsun ChoiA short documentary about a family's life with three children as immigrants.
The CookieDerek ChampnellaA husband and wife battle for the last snack.
The Echoing of Fire & LifeJudit Samper AlberoThe Moors and Christians Festival of Biar recalls the conflict between the Almohads, a Moorish people, and the troops of King James I of Aragon The Conqueror which took place in the year 1245. 
The GiftPauls DombrovskisA young boy witnesses his Mother's sorrow as his Father leaves, and utilises his magical talent to bring joy to her life. Realising he is a constant reminder of their past life, he uses his gift one last time.
The GiftJacintha CharlesA girl with uncommonly large ears is bullied at school, but finds solace in her friendship with a crow in the woods. She feeds the bird everyday and in exchange it presents her with gifts, until a violent encounter at school causes their ritual to take an unsettling turn.
The Girl Who Cried GhostEmily WilsonTwo sisters are home alone, or so they think. When the younger of the two goes into the basement to retrieve a soda, she sees a “ghost”.
The Last SliceAnkur Singh, Cai ThomasEpisode one of a three part series. Susan Stoker is the owner of Godfather's Pizza that's forced to close after 52 years when their landlord increases their rent.
The Little Tea ShopMatteo Servente, Molly J. WexlerWhile the evolution of downtown Memphis has ebbed and flowed over the past hundred years, The Little Tea Shop restaurant, founded by two women in 1918, has been a constant. The welcoming feeling fostered at The Little Tea Shop encourages relationships that in turn create connections and opportunities.
The Maroon BomberJoshua M. ThomasFour siblings delve into the love they share for the family’s old, beat up truck. This love gets tested.
The MirrorLeila Murton PooleMathilde, a mute French orphan, helps to protect Madame B, the most superstitious lady in the world, from all bad luck. Both have developed their own coping mechanisms to deal with extreme loss. When Mathilde breaks Madame B’s most prized possession, a magical mirror, she goes on a journey to fix it. 
The PaybackCarl SchlachtThe only way out is to get in deeper.
The PrizeJohnny WuWhen two friends find out their love interest is the same lady, they find a way to get her back... More than a belt on the line.
The RetributionEvelyn SmitsA strange humming sound may bring on the rapture via the children of the world.
The ShartistPaul Francis ZegaracFrancois attempts to bring Diarrheart to America.
The Stand InJames DaytonA fake date between two friends takes a turn when real emotions start to emerge.
The Tell Tale HeartMcClain LindquistEdgar Allan Poe's "The Tell Tale Heart" is considered the first Psychological Thrillers ever penned. His classic tale has been re-visioned in this gruesome, mind-bending, descent into madness.
NEUL未知ND (The Unknown)Eddie ShiehA conflicted American-Born-Chinese waitress meets a mysterious man and is drawn into an unimaginable circumstance.
The Voice in the NightGabe SchmidtA mysterious voice sends one man on a perilous journey.
The Way To SnowFong WinRun Lin is taking charge of the orange garden left by his mother.
The WolfM.r. FitzgeraldA damaged vigilante returns to her old cult to rescue other prisoners and end the nightmares of her traumatic upbringing, but upon reuniting with a long lost childhood friend she must confront the aftermath of their cult leader's abuse once and for all.
There He is NowJörg Viktor Steins-LaussA creature lurks in her mind. Maybe that's a good thing.
TrainFishChristian EwaldMajorie loves the ocean, but has never actually seen it. In regular therapy sessions she tries to overcome her fear of trains. When she buys a goldfish that seems to share her longing for the ocean, she slowly starts to face her past.
TransmissionsRobert TejadaA young woman believes she is a targeted individual.
Trick or BleatEvan Gloyd, Jimmy McDonaldGabby is a young wannabe mechanic, who has just moved into a new neighborhood in the suburbs of Maryland. On Halloween Night, she encounters a slew of trick-or-treaters, one of which tells her of a local legend called the Goatman. Soon enough, a violent masked intruder, who bears an eerie resemblance to the mythical Goatman, breaks into her home. It’s up to Gabby to fend off this psychotic aggressor and survive the night, using only her wit and determination.
Trouble for MilesJamin ScottiA young girl recounts her traumatic death, while navigating a purgatory fashioned for the Digital Age.
Virtually in LoveDean ParkerWith the help of his operating system, a socially anxious man tries to make a romantic connection during the most disconnected time in history.
We Agree on the SunJonah Belsky, Amelia TierneyPoetry and movement combine to investigate the intersection of dance, somatic awareness, and houselessness.
We Hear RunningKarine DashneyHow two family members cope in isolation when the world has gone awry.
Wedding OfficiantHõbe Ilus, Mihkel OksmannLove is patient. Love is kind. But if you’re in a hurry, call Lennys! He’s been riding the subway for 20 years marrying couples of all creeds and none. A day can include five or more ceremonies, some in superhero costume and some even behind bars. In this feel-good documentary, we explore an unseen side of New York, following Lennys as he travels to and from weddings, serving a diversity of clients and sharing his wit and wisdom.
When Letters Met Barbara EnrightLewis Eyers-StottShort biopic of Australian sign, showcard and ticket writer Barbara Enright. This is the fourth short film in the 'When Better Letters Met' series.
Wind ChimesPauline NowakowskiSimone prepares for her best friends 50th Birthday - it's more than just birthday.
Woodsman: Blood BattleDr. Scott E. BrosiusWoodsman and Mountain Man prepare new Glenn to box Satan and defeat him... BLOOD BATTLE.
WYDJocelyn LaneA girl finds herself home alone and dreaming about her newfound freedom.
Your Heart is MineJake WhistonHaunted by visions of his mother, a young man grapples with his mental health as he confronts his father for the truth of her death.