2021 Short. Sweet. Film Fest. Awards

We are happy to announce the 2021 Short. Sweet. Film Fest. Awards!

Best of the Fest – Malakout

Best Short. Sweet. Film – Polter


Best – Forevering

Outstanding – A Normal Conversation

Honorable Mention – The Gift, Wind Chimes


Best – Hobby

Outstanding – Green Cobra

Honorable Mention – TrainFish, If <Girlfriend Deluxe>


Best – Gramma & Ginga: The Movie

Outstanding – Alive Day

Honorable Mention – 50 Little Birds, I Like Dirt


Best – Roberto

Outstanding – Gon, The Little Fox

Honorable Mention – Chicken of the Dead, Kaze


Best – Good Harvest

Outstanding – Found

Honorable Mention – Numerous Duo, Spurs and Dolls


Best – The Mirror

Outstanding – It’s Not You, It’s Me

Honorable Mention – Out for Fame, Iron Head


Best – Hate

Outstanding – Flora

Honorable Mention – Fog, Guardian


Best – Eye Exam

Outstanding – The Gift

Honorable Mention – Tea Time, Transmissions


Best – Sam & Emma

Outstanding – Feeling Flush

Honorable Mention– My Body is My Home, The Stand In


Best – Casiopea

Outstanding – Just a Ride

Honorable Mention – Bag Your Face, Trouble for Miles

Music Video

Best – Human

Outstanding – Death Proof

Honorable Mention – Polychrome (Starts with a Kiss), I Am Samantha

Fan Fiction

Best – Living in Crime Alley

Outstanding – Summer, 16

Honorable Mention – Parker: A Spider-Verse Fan Film


Best – The Last Slice

Outstanding – Becoming Kelly

Virtual Reality Film

Best – The Echoing of Fire & Life

Outstanding – For the Love of God

Honorable Mention – Incipient, He Loves Me (not)