Brief treats: 12 Years of the Short. Sweet. Film Fest

The Short. Sweet. Film Fest returns to its original in-person format next week when 226 short films hit the big screens at Atlas Cinemas’ Shaker Square Cinemas.

“We’re going all in-person this year,” says Michael Suglio, festival executive director. “To me, films are meant to be shared with other people in a theater.”

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More Than 200 Films To Screen at Upcoming Short. Sweet. Film Fest

Now in its 12th year, the Short. Sweet. Film Fest started when Michael Suglio, who was watching a few bands play at the punk club Now That’s Class (now No Class) some years back, realized that hosting a film festival in an informal, club-like atmosphere would be a good idea. While the festival began at Market Garden Brewery, it’s outgrown that space, and this year’s iteration of the event will take place from March 1 to March 5 at Atlas Cinemas Shaker Square.

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