2015 Festival Schedule

Films are shown on Friday from 7pm – 8:30pm, Saturday from 12pm – 7:30pm and on Sunday from 12pm – 7:45pm.
Bands will be playing on Friday from 8:45pm – 10:15pm and on Saturday from 7:30pm – 10:15pm.


6:00pm – 7:00pmDoors Open
7:00pm – 7:11pmHidden in Plain Sight
Directed by: Joseph Jurecki
Hidden in Plain Sight is a short documentary about discovering the world that’s right in front of you. It follows Luke Frazier as he reflects on the Cleveland Cultural Gardens, the journey that led him there, and his discovery of its beauty, history and wonder.
7:11pm – 7:16pmQ & A with Joseph Jurecki
7:16pm – 7:20pm“Nova Scotia” by El Ten Eleven
Directed by: Jon Mancinetti
Music Video
7:20pm – 7:23pm“Tony” by LOUDPVCK x Gladiator
Directed by: Jon Mancinetti
Music Video
7:23pm – 7:27pmNew Neighbor
Directed by: Jon Mancinetti
A newlywed couple struggles to deal with their annoying new neighbor.
7:27pm – 7:32pmQ & A with Jon Mancinetti
7:32pm – 7:42pmThe Nihilists
Directed by: Johannes Persson
A woman runs through the forest. A rifle shot echoes and barely misses her head. A neatly dressed man consults a map when a young woman shows up. What at first glance looks like two people connected by forbidden love turns out to be wrong. They share another secret.
7:42pm – 7:52pmThe Routine
Directed by: Tara Price
Technology fails a woman isolated in her home.
7:52pm – 8:08pmSupernova
Directed by: Maria Alvarez
Chaos breaks out due to the arrival of a new girl in a small suburban town.
8:08pm – 8:13pmQ & A with Maria Alvarez
8:13pm – 8:18pmReTurn
Directed by: Jason Jeon
Has anyone returned?
8:18pm – 8:23pmQ & A with Jason Jeon
8:23pm – 8:27pmBlush
Directed by: Corey Kloos and Emily Stamm
When Simon catches the eye of the prettiest girl at the bar, he must find the courage to approach her. Once he starts down that path, nothing will stop him, even if love is unexpected and scary.
8:27pm – 8:32pmQ & A with Corey Kloos and Emily Stamm
8:32pm – 8:45pmBreak
8:45pmMusic by Christopher Black
9:15pm – 9:30pmBreak
9:30pmMusic by Forest City
11:00am – 12:00pmDoors Open
12:00pm – 12:05pmCreative Fusion: Anna Paula Jones & The Cleveland Public Theatre
Directed by: Joseph Jurecki and Travis Pollert
This film follows Brazillian artist Ana Paula Jones as she returns to Cleveland Public Theatre and co-create’s a play with director/playwright Raymond Bobgan.  This film was created in partnership with Cleveland Public Theatre.  Ana Paula was in residence with Cleveland Public Theatre through the Cleveland Foundation’s Creative Fusion Program.
12:05pm – 12:10pmQ & A with Q & A with Joseph Jurecki and Travis Pollert
12:10pm – 12:25pmZizi and Honeyboy
Directed by: Brett Donowho
Often interviewed on CNN, Oprah, and NBC, world renowned trend forecaster and best-selling author Gerald Celente is suddenly blackballed by the news media. The controversial Gerald experiences an absolute fall from grace that takes him to a dark, confusing and unfamiliar place. The only person he has around him is his Zizi, or ‘Aunt’ in Italian. Zizi is a humble, sage-like woman who embodies some of the best of what her fading generation had to offer. Over small talk and an impressive home cooked dinner, Gerald’s mood turns darker. In addition to the demise of his career, his wife abandoned him. But Zizi’s unhampered spirit carries Gerald, subtly teaching him the power of the human spirit and ultimately, teaching him about himself.
12:25pm – 12:30pmChicken Factory Farmer Speaks Out
Directed by: Raegan Hodge
After 22 years as a contract chicken factory farmer for Perdue, Craig Watts reaches his breaking point and does something no one has done before. He invites farm animal welfare advocates from Compassion in World Farming to bring a film crew to his factory farm to tell his story. For the first time, thanks to this brave farmer breaking his silence, we see why this agricultural industry is so secretive, and question why the USDA verifies these chickens as ‘humanely raised.’
12:30pm – 12:35pmQ & A with Raegan Hodge
12:35pm – 12:48pmThe Last Recollection
Directed by: Thomas Personeni
A dying man reflects on the two great and dynamically different loves of his life.
12:48pm – 12:53pmQ & A with Kristin Nell Birdwel
12:53pm – 1:13pmBig Silver Nights
Directed by: Ben Kadie
A pair of unlikely friends on one wild night. Walter is a 60-year old wanna-be drug dealer and PB is a 16-year-old literal-minded kid.
1:13pm – 1:27pmMicrowave
Directed by: Neil Champagne
MICROWAVE is a film about sibling rivalry. After the death of their grandmother, Will (23) and Evan (30) are forced to come back to their hometown to claim the house they were both raised in. The only problem is that Will wants keep it and Evan wants to sell it.
1:27pm – 1:30pmRoyal Migration
Directed by: Yun Chen
Royal Migration is a timeless fairy tale which is mean to be a parallel to the modern society. It has chosen caterpillars as the main characters because of their nature. The story unfolds in a mystical forest full of erotic and strange botanic. It is a 3D animated short which follows the journey of a bee through a caterpillar kingdom. The marching group of caterpillars consists the structure of a society, and they blindly follow the leader without critically thinking where they are heading to.The caterpillars embody human characteristic of a docile and complacent citizenship, who are imprisoned by their own lack of rationality and failed to see the larger picture.
1:30pm – 1:41pmMidnight Munchies
Directed by: Karen Linton
A comedy about two dudes in search of donuts who end up in a car chase with a screaming woman. Who knew getting donuts could be so dangerous?
1:41pm – 1:46pmQ & A with Karen Linton
1:46pm – 1:55pmCraigslist Connection
Directed by: Alex Lamb
What begins as an amusing way to pass time turns serious when a college girl receives a worthy response to her ad on Craigslist.
1:55pm – 2:19pmBragg N East
Directed by: Rob Underhill
Bragg N East is a gritty, faith-oriented police drama about hopeless lives in inner-city Raleigh, North Carolina-and of the hope-filled vision of a local cop, Robert, whose inspired outreach of love changes the lives of many in that community-especially that of the gang member and drug dealer, Dae’Quan
2:19pm – 2:24pmQ & A with Rob Underhill
2:24pm – 2:40pmJunk Girl
Directed by: Mohammad Zare
There once was a girl who was made up of junk. She looked really dirty, and she smelled like a skunk. She was always unhappy, or in one of her slumps-perhaps ’cause she spent so much time down in the dumps. The only bright moment was from a guy named Stan. He was from the neighborhood garbage man. He loved her a lot and made a marriage proposal, but she already thrown herself in the garbage disposal.
2:40pmMusic by Laine and James Seliga
3:25pm – 3:36pmLand of Enchantment
Directed by: Randy Vampotic
When a happy-go-lucky rancher picks up a hitchhiker on a lonely desert road, it doesn’t take long for him to realize that his friendly passenger is a stranger to the Southwest. It takes a little longer to figure out how strange he really is.
3:36pm – 3:41pmQ & A with Randy Vampotic and Mike Sorrentino
3:41pm – 3:48pmFixed
Directed by: Burleigh Smith
Jemimah is five years old and desperate for her dog, Tilly, to have puppies.  When she learns her parents plan to have Tilly desexed, Jemimah embarks on a quest to get Tilly pregnant.
3:48pm – 4:02pmBenevolent Stranger
Directed by: Stephon J. Davis
“Benevolent Stranger” is a short film about a young man struggling to find his way and deal with his grief and anger. He is upset about the sudden death of his father and is having a hard time coping.
4:02pm – 4:07pmQ & A with Stephon J Davis
4:07pm – 4:23pmHomeless in Chicago
Directed by: Brian Urbanek
Through firsthand accounts, we explore the back stories of homeless people living in downtown Chicago.
4:23pm – 4:30pmNotes from Another Room
Directed by: Cory Pratt
A crumbling, decades old schoolhouse…a stately, expansive auditorium…these are just a few of the places that piano technician Bruce Dalzell’s job takes him.
4:30pm – 4:40pmPresentation by Indigo Imp Brewery
4:40pm – 4:48pmThe Coin
Directed by: Fabien Martorell
Christopher Lloyd stars as a homeless old man who intervenes to save the soul of a young boy.
4:48pm – 4:51pmRoller Coaster
Directed by: Marissa Fonte
Life is a roller coaster.
4:51pm – 4:58pmBackstage at the “O”
Directed by: Olga Wilhelmine Munding
What’s backstage?
4:58pm – 5:03pmQ & A with Olga Wilhelmine Munding
5:03pm – 5:12pmRavage
Directed by: Nick Meunier
When Ollie and his son TJ are trapped during a zombie apocalypse, Ollie must decide whether or not he’s capable of killing those who are infected despite their humanistic characteristics. But when it comes down to the end, Ollie must look past his moral code to decide whether or not he’s capable of such an act.
5:12pm – 5:26pmBig Bag
Directed by: Ricardo Martin Coloma
World and most of times society dictates where and how much time you have to be for every second of your life.We work, sleep, buy things to feed an enormous machine that rules all of this questions. But is all of this necessary? Are we really working to live or just living to work? Do we really need to depend on a superior machine?
5:26pm – 5:32pmNick’s Courage
Directed by: Joseph Jurecki
This short documentary follows Courage Award winner Nick Lenyo and his family’s struggle with his Cancer while Nick fights to get back to playing sports with an amputated leg. This film was created in partnership with the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission and Cleveland Clinic Sports Health.
5:32pm – 5:37pmQ & A with Joseph Jurecki
5:37pm – 6:01pmThe Cameraman
Directed by: Rob Underhill
 In The Cameraman, a wannabee movie-maker’s documentary turns into a real life horror story.
6:01pm – 6:06pmQ & A with Rob Underhill
6:06pm – 6:15pmLittle Star
Directed by: Sean McFerran and Jessica Vumbaca
Love, loss and the stars. Abby has one wish…for her dad to find true love and be happy again.
6:15pm – 6:24pmThe Hardest Word
Directed by: Alexander Engel
What’s the hardest word?
6:24pm – 6:35pmDispose of Us
Directed by: Florian Kelm
A man about to commit a crime drifts into paranoia and faces the haunting of his own intents.
6:35pm – 6:39pmProtagonist vs. Antagonist
Directed by: Brian Anderson
A Parody of Basic Story Structure
6:39pm – 6:45pmBridge
Directed by: Michael Berge
Two strangers meet on a bridge while as both contemplate suicide.
6:45pm – 6:55pmHypothermia
Directed by: Jon Dewar
Fragments of a love story set to the backdrop of winter, ‘Hypothermia’ follows Harper and Verity as they reflect on their relationship while trying to find each other in a snowy forest.
6:55pm – 7:15pmCurse and the Symphony
Directed by: David Schulte
The Curse and the Symphony is a short documentary about former punk musician Nathan Felix’s eight-year effort to break into the elite world of classical music, in spite of having no formal musical training, and attempt to get his symphony performed by a full orchestra for the first time.
7:15pm – 7:20pmQ & A with Nathan Felix
7:20pm – 7:30pmBreak
7:30pmMusic by Dolfish
8:15pmMusic by The Nate Jones Band
9:00pmMusic by The Womack Family Band
11:00am – 12:00pmDoors Open
12:00pm – 12:05pmCreative Fusion: Alka Mater & Art House
Directed by: Joseph Jurecki and Travis Pollert
This film follows Alka Mather, an Indian artist in residence with local non-profit Art House, as she explores the communal qualities of tea and works to create a “diary” of such experiences using used teabags.
12:05pm – 12:10pmQ & A with Joseph Jurecki and Travis Pollert
12:10pm – 12:19pmOpiete
Directed by: Mark Sargent
Tomatoes. Garlic. Okra. A truck. A dog. A man with a bullhorn. Two women on a bench.
12:19pm – 12:31pmPushing Buttons
Directed by: Jonathan Landau
Pushing Buttons is a short Comedy about five coworkers who think they are on their way to a Saturday meeting, but find out their company has other plans for them.
12:31pm – 12:36pmQ & A with Meredith Jackson
12:36pm – 1:02pmThe Lost Marathon
Directed by: Courtney Kistler
A student filmmaker sets out to document veteran marathon runner and Long Beach native, Paul Fetscher, in his forty-second New York Marathon with the goal of capturing the fundamental essence of endurance running. Hurricane Sandy as well as life’s unpredictability take this film on a new path, leading to an exposition on human perseverance.
1:02pm – 1:07pmQ & A with Courtney Kistler
1:07pm – 1:15pmThis Was My Son
Directed by: Rob Underhill
“This Was My Son” is the true story of the American Civil Rights icon, Mamie Till, whom recounts the tragic moment that inspired her to dedicate her life battling social injustice and racial prejudice.
1:15pm – 1:20pmQ & A with Rob Underhill
1:20pm – 1:25pmThese Dreams of You
Directed by: Rochan Redelinghuys
When Lucy accompanies her parents to a wedding reception, she begins to become fascinated with the idea of love.
1:25pm – 1:32pmKokabiel
Directed by: B.J. Halsall
What is Kokabiel?
1:32pm – 1:37pmQ & A with B.J. Halsall
1:37pm – 2:00pmLast Day
Directed by: Brent Durham
Stuck at home on a Friday night, an over zealous marketing consultant is confronted by a mysterious version of her boyfriend; but when she realizes why he is there, she must learn to value the present over the future before their time together is over.
2:00pm – 2:05pmQ & A with Brent Durham and Seth Pascale
2:05pm – 2:28pmMail.Man
Directed by: William Aydelott
Letters are an endangered species in the Internet age. Mail.Man dramatically illustrates their continued importance in a moving but light-hearted fashion that shows how modern technology can actually be part of the solution.
2:28pm – 2:41pmUnbelief
Directed by: Fabien Martorell
Two men meet in a park. It’s Christmas Eve. Kane is an assassin, on his way to do a job that means more to him than the usual killings he is paid to do. This time it’s personal.
2:41pm – 2:46pmCourtney’s Courage
Directed by: Travis Pollert and Joseph Jurecki
This short documentary follows Courage Award winner Courteney Belmonte and her struggle to deal with scoliosis while pursuing her dreams of being a cheerleading and gymnast. 
2:46pm – 2:51pmQ & A with Travis Pollert and Joseph Jurecki
2:51pm – 3:14pmButterly Dreams
Directed by: Venkat Krishnan
A young child laborer in India sees a way to pursue her dream to learn to read and write when an educated man comes to her village.
3:14pm – 3:32pmThe Wheeler Parker Story
Directed by: Rob Underhill
Wheeler Parker gives his firsthand account of events leading up to the abduction and eventual murder of his cousin, Emmett Till, in 1955.
3:32pm – 3:37pmQ & A with Rob Underhill
3:37pmMusic by Brendan and Caitlin Hearn
4:20pm – 4:42pmThe Agent
Directed by: Rob Underhill
In THE AGENT, Don Reynolds must act out the demise written for him? or fight for his soul.
4:42pm – 4:47pmQ & A with Rob Underhill
4:47pm – 4:52pmImprovement Act I
Directed by: Wallet Spooks
“I allow a lot of room for improvisation and funny stuff. I always feel planned.” -Michael Bay
4:52pm – 5:07pmBallet Noir
Directed by: Christina Avalos
Ballet Noir introduces four young African-American ballerinas who hope to make dance their career. Under the guidance of Homer Bryant, a former dancer from the Dance Theatre of Harlem, these young women hope to break the barriers many dancers of color face as they enter the professional level of classical ballet.
5:07pm – 5:10pmImprovement Act II
Directed by: Wallet Spooks
It continues…
5:10pm – 5:25pmMemorable Moi
Directed by: Jean-Francois Asselin
Mathieu seeks all ways to attract attention to himself.
5:25pm – 5:30pmImprovement Act III
Directed by: Wallet Spooks
It continues…again…
5:30pm – 5:35pmWelcome Home
Directed by: Travis Pollert and Joseph Jurecki
The City of Akron and Northeast Ohio welcomes LeBron James back to his home town and the Cleveland Cavaliers. This film was created in partnership with the LeBron James Family Foundation.
5:35pm – 5:40pmQ & A with Travis Pollert and Joseph Jurecki
5:40pm – 6:03pmResurrection of a Barn
Directed by: Freddi Stevens-Jacobi
Our country is losing old barns at an alarming rate. Resurrection of a Barn is a 23-minute documentary about an Ohio1890s barn near collapse, which is moved and re-purposed into a beautifully restored office space. The story is a lesson for all of us in an era of throw-away goods. It is the redemption that lies in recycling, re-purposing and rebuilding a structure that endures. The film focuses on Amos Schwartz, an Indiana artisan and barn preservationist who dedicated his life to restoration. Footage of the barn being rebuilt is intercut with clips of Amos and the owner who explain the process and the value of re-purposing these old barns.
6:03pm – 6:08pmQ & A with Freddi Stevens-Jacobi
6:08pm – 6:17pmSilenced
Directed by: Alaa “Zak” Noweihed
Amanda Peters, a deaf woman visiting her friend, arrives to find John being held hostage by a mob. She hides and tries to understand what is going or call for help but with no avail. As the situation get more tense, she realizes that she is about to watch an execution, and is faced with the option of personally getting involved to try to save her friend or running away and saving herself. The odds are stacked against her, after all she is a middle aged woman with a disability, going up against three armed mobsters.
6:17pm – 6:22pmQ & A with Alaa “Zak” Noweihed
6:22pm – 6:34pmLove & Stress
Directed by: Jaeyoon Lee
Patty is a successful architect but self-deprecating when it comes to her looks & her love life. One day Patty gets an idea to manipulate her cute office crush into liking her.
6:34pm – 6:44pmOnce
Directed by: Xuexue Pan
Once, there is an old man and his memory.
6:44pm – 6:54pmPresentation by Jolly Scholar
6:54pm – 7:06pmTravel with Grandpa
Directed by: Junwu Tan
I go back to my hometown, a little town in China, and bring my grandpa to travel.
7:06pm – 7:11pmFilm Fest: We Could do This in Sanford
Directed by: David Kuskie
A group of friends in the community of Sanford, Florida decide to share their love of film with the community and start a film festival.
7:11pm – 7:23pmA Tribute to the Fallen
Directed by: Mike Suglio and Cyprian Piroch
Fifty years ago, Felix Constantino Cata-al at the age of five years-old grabbed a shovel and began to uncover lost relics from World War II that been tucked away in Negros Oriental, Philippines. His fascination in WWII stemmed from the loss of his favorite uncle during the war. Flash forward fifty years and Felix has now amassed several rare artifacts and has returned twenty-eight Japanese soldiers to their home origins. A Tribute to the Fallen explores one man’s way of paying tribute to fallen soldiers.
7:23pm – 7:28pmQ & A with Mike Suglio and Cyprian Piroch
7:28pm – 7:45pmAwards/Closing