2017 Festival Schedule

Films are being screened:
Friday: 7:00pm – 10:15pm
Saturday: 12:00pm – 9:00pm
Sunday: 12:00pm – 8:30pm


6:00pm – 7:00pmDoors Open
7:00pm – 7:20pmDraw Hard
Directed by: Jon Nix
DRAW HARD is a documentary about illustrator and comic book artist, John G. In Cleveland, his artwork is everywhere, but most don’t know the face behind the gritty imagery of “The Lake Erie Monster” comic series and Melt Bar and Grilled. In this short documentary, director Jon Nix turns his camera on this enigmatic figure. Exploring his past, present and future by interviewing contemporary artists, friends and the man himself. DRAW HARD reveals secrets of John G’s past, including the accident that left him paralyzed. It is both the story of an artist as well as an exploration of how people confront and conquer tragedy.
7:20pm – 7:25pmQ & A with Jon Nix
7:25pm – 7:38pmThe Frontier
Directed by: Andrew Santin
A Recent college graduate wrestles with an opportunity to have a meaningful life on a colonization mission in space. She struggles to reconcile the fact that her decision to go would mean saying goodbye to everyone she’s ever known.
7:38pm – 7:42pmQ & A with Andrew Santin and Jeff Wexler
7:42pm – 7:52pmDon’t Fear the Reaper
Directed by: Dru Schwartz
Making friends can be difficult, especially if you’re the bringer of death.
7:52pm – 7:57pmQ & A with Dru Schwartz
7:57pm – 8:08pmThe Bop Stop
Directed by: Dannesh Moosa
This promotional documentary showcases The BOP STOP at the Music Settlement, which is a non-profit jazz club located at 2920 Detroit Ave. in Ohio City. The club’s director Gabe Pollack explains how the venue operates and talks about their unique programming, and announces some exciting prospects for the venue as it contributes to the expanding Hingetown neighborhood.
8:08pm – 8:13pmQ & A with Gabe Pollack
8:13pm – 8:21pmA Man Willing to Kill
Directed by: Justin Buckner
A desperate Prospector crosses paths with a dubious Gunslinger.
8:21pm – 8:26pmQ & A with Justin Buckner
8:26pm – 8:32pmJust Keep Going
Directed by: Chelsie Corso
Dee Salukombo and his family fled the Democratic Republic of Congo and were refugees in Uganda before settling in Cleveland in 2004, with the help of a local catholic charity. Dee is a world-class runner and must make one of the hardest decisions in his life, try and qualify for the 2016 U.S. olympic team or lose his citizenship and run for the Congo.
8:32pm – 8:37pmQ & A with Chelsie Corso
8:37pm – 8:44pmDigging
Directed by: Kevin Naughton
A minimal-surrealist short about a guy digging a hole.
8:44pm – 8:49pmQ & A with Kevin Naughton
8:49pm – 8:57pmFor Better or For Worse
Directed by: Nick Fiorella, Michael Hricik
A heart-warming tale of a son discovering his family’s “super power.”
8:57pm – 9:05pmSafe House
Directed by: Nick Fiorella, Michael Hricik
Is it safe?
9:05pm – 9:10pmQ & A with B. J. Halsall
9:10pm – 9:25pmCapoeira – Live the Game
Directed by: Joddy Eric Matthews
The documentary speaks to their difficult upbringings and how studying Capoeira helped them to overcome a lifetime of social issues such as bullying and violence.
9:25pm – 9:30pmQ & A with Obadiah Baker
9:30pm – 9:42pmWhere Are You
Directed by: Tiffani Hilton
Julia strives to find a balance between the importance and love for friendships and boyfriend, and the passion for her writing which demands solitude and attention all its own. When facing the inevitable what truly matters; love or passion?
9:42pm – 9:47pmQ & A with Tiffani Hilton
9:47pm – 9:59pmThe Silence of War
Directed by: Colton Bose
In the midst of World War II, a wounded United States marine behind enemy lines crosses paths with a Nazi deserter.
9:59pm – 10:04pmQ & A with Colton Bose
10:04pm – 10:11pmShucks for Schmuck
Directed by: Matthew Leitch
A man wakes up to realize his life may have changed forever.
10:11pm – 10:16pmQ & A with Matthew Leitch
10:16pm – 10:24pmMake America Great Again…and again…and again
Directed by: Tony Yanick
10:24pm – 10:29pmQ & A with Tony Yanick & Robert Banks
10:29pm – 10:37pmThe Caretaker
Directed by: D.J. Clement
A throwback – an unsettling story about a young couple who inherit a home, and it’s strange caretaker.
10:37pm – 10:45pmSunset Fist: Fight or Fight Dying
Directed by: D.J. Clement
A short love letter to cheesy ridiculous action films.
10:45pm – 10:50pmQ & A with D.J. Clement and Brian Hanna
10:50pm – 11:30pmLocal Filmmaker’s Networking/Social Night
11:00am – 12:00pmDoors Open
12:00pm – 12:14pmThat Party That One Night
Directed by: Mylissa Fitzsimmons
Socially and sexually awkward Melissa finds herself alone with her crush after being ditched by her friends at a party one night.
12:14pm – 12:17pmA New Leaf on Life
Directed by: Collin Leslie
When a crippled, older woman receives a single marijuana seed in a magazine subscription ad, she finds an unexpected cure for her ailing disabilities. After realizing the benefits, she spreads her gifts to other senior sufferers.
12:17pm – 12:29pm7 Years of Darkness
Directed by: Zac Cageao
A man, who has lost his sight, finds the courage and determination to make his life better.
12:29pm – 12:47pmDry Gulch
Directed by: Dan Liechy
Two friends explore the Colorado Rockies on a 19 mile off trail winter run that finds them injured, immobile, and lost. Contemplating their imminent deaths as the sun and temperatures drop, with nothing but dark banter to keep their kindred hearts warm, not all may be exactly as it seems on this tumble down the ol’ rabbit hole. Not all who wander are lost. Some are just hangry.
12:47pm – 1:03pmTea in the Land of Thunder – Field Notes from Darjeeling
Directed by: Donald Harrison
Last summer, Jeremy Lopatin, an American importer of organic tea, visited the Makaibari Tea Estate in Darjeeling, India, to get a firsthand look at how top-notch Darjeeling teas are made. This short film takes the viewer on an adventure to explore the beautiful people, places, and processes behind the creation of organic Darjeeling teas in ‘the land of thunder’.
1:03pm – 1:25pmStandards & Practices: A Short Film About Modern Romance
Directed by: Ellena Chmielewski
A revolving cast of characters gropes blindly at intimacy and emotion as they wreak havoc on one another’s lives.
1:25pm – 1:35pmConfessions of a Beatlemaniac!
Directed by: Dee Elias
Hysterical, historical, inspirational true story of a relentless Beatle fan who pursued her dream to meet the Beatles!
1:35pm – 1:40pmQ & A with Dee Elias
1:40pm – 1:43pmFrench Kiss
Directed by: Michael Berge
A French-speaking woman and an English-speaking woman meet in the park and the language barrier actually pulls them together before it tears them apart.
1:43pm – 1:45pmAnother
Directed by: Zero Jeon
A young celebrity’s innocence starts to fade away after he earns fame.
1:45pm – 2:05pm“Don’t Sell My Guitars”
Directed by: Lynn Montgomery
A beloved country musician whispers a final request to his wife.
2:05pm – 2:09pmChicken Film
Directed by: Rob Butterworth
There has yet to be a film made with guitar music and chickens that I have not loved.
2:09pm – 2:14pmQ & A with Rob Butterworth
2:14pm – 2:34pmMayfield
Directed by: Zach Daulton
James Mayfield has spent the last decade performing a one man show from his youth in an attempt to trigger memories that are very important to him. However things take a turn when he is pushed into closing his show with a little help from some lost memories. Mayfield has to find the limit of how many times he can relive a moment before his memory changes.
2:34pm – 2:46pmComing to Terms
Directed by: David Bertan
Two children are eager to reunite with their dad in Heaven, as they are convinced there’s a beautiful afterlife in Paradise.
2:46pm – 2:55pmBig Shot
Directed by: Bob Pusateri
An 11 year old girl makes an offer to the mob that they can’t refuse.
2:55pm – 3:00pmQ & A with Thomas Rodinella
3:00pm – 3:33pmCleveland State University Student Films
3:00pm – 3:33pmK.W.A.
Directed by: Ivan Lee
Three talented kids have a dream of becoming entertainers, spend the weekend with their stubborn uncle and try to convince him to attend the K.W.A. show and antics ensues.
3:33pm – 3:43pmQ & A
3:43pm – 4:08pmBreak
4:08pm – 4:32pmThe Beautifully Drowned
Directed by: Jon Dewar
A maritime fairy tale about a woman who longs for the day her husband will drown at sea.
4:32pm – 4:34pmMoving In
Directed by: Anthony Arnone
A young girl writes a letter to her parents to tell them she will be moving in with her elderly boyfriend.
4:34pm – 4:38pmCoke Habit
Directed by: Dress Code
The Summer after 10th grade I spent two solid weeks with horrible horrible migraines, dizziness, blindspots and tunnel vision?I didn?t know what it was? This is the story of my Coke Habit.
4:38pm – 4:42pmRuben’s Elevator
Directed by: Dress Code
Seventy-five year old Ruben Pardo is the oldest elevator manual operator in Los Angeles. For six days a week over the past 40 years, he has helped the patrons of the Art Deco marvel at 5514 Wilshire Blvd ?up and down? while enlightening them with positive musings on the simple joys of life. Congrats on 40 years Ruben!
4:42pm – 4:45pmLittle Folk of the Artic
Directed by: Neil Christopher
In the folklore of most cultures around the world there are stories of magical little folk. And the Arctic is no exception. Inuit traditional knowledge is filled with references to many different races and tribes of little folk. These beings always try to avoid human encounters, but over the years Inuit hunters and shaman have gathered stories and experiences to help us understand these small inhabitants.
4:45pm – 4:48pmOgress of the Gravelbank
Directed by: Neil Christopher
Inuit oral history is filled with strange beings and supernatural creatures. One of these feared land spirits is the Ogress of the Gravelbank. This cruel being was known to lure children into her lair and trap them there. All that perish in that cave remain there as spirits and animated corpses.
4:48pm – 4:52pmThe Owl and the Lemming
Directed by: Roselynn Akulukjuk
This short puppet film utilizes composited photographs and a set made with actual Arctic plants and lichen to create an authentic retelling of this ancient Arctic fable. This short film provides a glimpse of traditional Inuit values and beliefs.
4:52pm – 4:56pmFaux Solo
Directed by: Nancy Lee
Empty space, a human body, and eight articles of clothing. Faux solo explores the dialogue and collaboration between the body, sound, clothing, and the space. Each article of clothing dictates the next move into the unknown space; sound amplifies the impact of the colliding costumes and contrasts to the space surrounding it. In the end, the thread of the film, the human body is left on its own and continues as a remnant of all that has accumulated.
4:56pm – 5:08pmThe Muse Will Find You Working
Directed by: Wade Koch
A fiction writer unravels while a hole in her wall grows.
5:08pm – 5:12pmThe Chain
Directed by: Erin Brown
Aerial music video with choreography inspired by the story of a woman who is healing from a past relationship, learning to open up her heart again… to the right person.
5:12pm – 5:20pmState Inspection
Directed by: David Smith
An anxious young man tries to talk to a woman he meets while waiting for his car at an auto repair shop.
5:20pm – 5:25pmQ & A with David Smith
5:25pm – 5:29pmEye of the Needle
Directed by: Erin Brown
Choreography inspired by the story of a woman who must find the courage to let her guard down and step into her unique identity.
5:29pm – 5:42pmThe Vanity
Directed by: Ben Myers
When an artist receives an antique vanity from her husband, she becomes obsessed with her appearance and possessed by the former owner.
5:42pm – 5:47pmQ & A with Alexandra Rose
5:47pm – 5:50pmOnce Upon a Dream
Directed by: Erin Brown
Aerial Silks Music Video
5:50pm – 5:55pmQ & A
5:55pm – 6:15pmFour Day Weekend
Directed by: Nicole Jones
A middle-aged couple, married for twenty-three years, takes a four-day break from each other and the aftermath leaves their relationship shaken and tested but not broken.
6:15pm – 6:18pmI’ve Lost My Taste for Yogurt
Directed by: Katy Lueck
An LGBTQ+ film adaptation of a poem exploring the moment
6:18pm – 6:22pmDead Worries
Directed by: Andrew Rabon
On his way home late one night, a commuter gets more than he bargained for.
6:22pm – 6:29pmPretty Little Miss
Directed by: Robert O’ Twomney
What happens when a serial killer who kills hitchhikers picks up a serial killer who kills the people who pick her up?
6:29pm – 6:45pmSelling Rosario
Directed by: Iana Simeonov, Michael Winokur
A family of migrant workers send their 12-year-old daughter and her outlaw cousin into the night on the promise of a stranger. Selling Rosario tells the story of a young girl growing up in a migrant labor camp and her parents’ risky plan to get her out of an unsafe, squalid environment. They believe almost any place else would be better for her to grow up. We meet Rosario and her family on the day this plan will either succeed or fail.
6:45pm – 6:56pmI Need My Monster
Directed by: Howard Cook
When Ethan checks under the bed for his monster, he finds a note instead: ?Gone fishing. Back in a week. ?Gabe?
6:56pm – 7:04pmReverse Psychology
Directed by: Marina Bruno
A mentally ill patient violently resists getting any help from his therapist.
7:04pm – 7:29pmKarma’s Shadow
Directed by: Rob Underhill
Titanic forces clash in an epic Take-all battle for control of illicit trade in New York City.
7:29pm – 7:41pmOne on One
Directed by: Jake Thomas
Sarah, a runaway teenager in the city of Metropolis, encounters a persistent newspaper reporter named Clark Kent who won’t leave her alone until she agrees to an interview for his newspaper column.
7:41pm – 7:46pmQ & A
7:46pm – 8:01pmThe Call from the Sea
Directed by: Taylor McNulty
The Bajau are an indigenous, sea nomadic group that live on top of the ocean in Indonesia. This short documentary looks at the ocean through the Bajau’s eyes. ‘The Call from the Sea’ is a poetic, personal story about the fragile state of the ocean and the people who live closest to it.
8:01pm – 8:11pmCeline
Directed by: Maria Alvarez
An exploration into how a couple’s relationship falls apart the night of their anniversary dinner. 
8:11pm – 8:16pmQ & A
8:16pm – 8:41pmA Father’s Love
Directed by: Johnathan Jackson
Choosing between saving one life and hundreds of lives should be easy, unless that one life is your daughters.
8:41pm – 8:46pmQ & A with Johnathan Jackson
8:46pm – 8:56pmMadaran
Directed by: Rayka Zehtabchi
An Iranian mother must decide whether to end or spare the life of her son’s killer.
8:56pm – 9:01pmQ & A with Mehrdad Sariak
9:01pm – 9:16pmAwards
9:16pm – 10:00pmFilmmaker’s Networking/Social Night with music by Nate Jones
11:00am – 12:00pmDoors Open
12:00pm – 12:10pmMarc Chung Protects his Address
Directed by: Michael Chan
Marc Chun buys a gun to protect his address.
12:10pm – 12:19pmUnleavened Bread
Directed by: Wilfried Meance
Vanessa is in love with Rémi. Rémi is in love with Vanessa. Only one damper: his bread won’t rise…
12:19pm – 12:36pmNormal
Directed by: Vadim Lasca Orsini
Fabricio, a Chavista young man, is stuck at home during the rioting occurred in Venezuela on 2014. Alejandra, his former opposition girlfriend, who is participating in the street rioting, is pursued by the National Guard, and arrives, without knowing, to the Fabricio?s house, who helps her to hide. Due to the volatile situation in the streets, Alejandra should stay with Fabricio until it is safe to get out. During this time together should deal with their political differences, which in the past led to their separation.
12:36pm – 12:41pmEarworm
Directed by: Tara Price
Oh, the things that get stuck in our heads. When a reclusive man is repeatedly woken up over the course of a night by severe headaches, accompanied by musical repetition from an unknown source, his sanity begins to swiftly unravel.
12:41pm – 12:42pm2 – 1
Directed by: Zahra Jafarialimolk
A girl colors in her book.
12:42pm – 12:47pmCradle
Directed by: Zanyar Lotfi
Technically the little girl simply just wants to do her homework. But when grandpa?s snores keep her little sibling from sleeping and it cries, things get a bit more complicated.
12:47pm – 1:08pmLegerdemain
Directed by: Rob Underhill
On a magician’s road-show to stardom, each venue is just another stop to fuel-up. Except, for Max (played by Bill Frost) magic is REAL… and it requires a special kind of “fuel”. It’ll take a lot to keep that dark engine running all the way from North Carolina to Vegas. On one such stop, Sally Pickens (played by Kristi Ray) enters stage left. For Sally, this is the opportunity of a lifetime to join Max’s wildly successful act, or be consumed by it…
1:08pm – 1:23pmCarousel
Directed by: Luka Popadic
A Serbian choir, The Singing Women of Po?ega, a group of enthusiastic elderly women full of life who share their daily routine with us. Through poetic pictures, seasoned with a lot of humour, we learn about their views of love, joy as well as the ephemerality of life.
1:23pm – 1:35pmSynesthesia
Directed by: Tom Loveman
What happens when we depend on our digital devices too much?
1:35pm – 1:50pmBest Before End?
Directed by: Nicholas Fogliarini
François, 65 years old, lives alone in his humble flat. He has no one to talk to since his mother died. Only a pigeon landing on his window from time to time, seems to visit him. François is sitting on his armchair facing his window. He remains still but his inner voice is giving us his mood. How long will he stay immobile staring at his window? This script was based on true events.
1:50pm – 2:02pmHorseshoe Theory
Directed by: Jonathan Brown
A romantic-comedy about a weapons deal between a White Supremacist and a member of the Islamic State.
2:02pm – 2:18pmEvery Time We Say Goodbye
Directed by: Kenji Qurata
When a childless wife is diagnosed with terminal cancer, she and her husband embark on a journey to find Tsuchinoko, a legendary Japanese snake. As the seasons pass by, the loving couple cherish their precious moments with a lot of laughter.
2:18pm – 2:34pmThat’s No Meaning
Directed by: Hiroto Hara
Nana searches for something to cheer her father up, and comes across a Japanese comedian, Yoshio Kojima. Of all things, she decides to perform his signature gag, ?there is no meaning.? Unsurprisingly, this doesn’t make her father feel any better. Then one day, a miracle falls upon her.
2:34pm – 2:54pmThe Painter
Directed by: Takano Yuri
Sento artist, Sugawara Fujio, is forced to give up his family business while he struggles through the loss of his wife. In the tired life of this lonely man, an unexpected occurence brings up an extraordinary change.
2:54pm – 3:19pmLies
Directed by: Yuji Mitshuhasi
English teacher Chieko, mother-of-one Mikako, and new novelist Shoko; a group of three women who tell lies. What would they find in the end?
3:19pm – 3:44pmMoon of Sleepless Night
Directed by: Takeshi Yashiro
When the moon gets stuck in a tree and leaves the town in eternal night, a Squirrel of the Moon and a young boy of the forest embark on a journey to help free the moon.
3:44pm – 4:44pmMusic by TriHearn
4:44pm – 4:56pmRenae
Directed by: Gabriel Simon & Alaa “Zak” Noweihed
Who is Renae?
4:56pm – 5:01pmQ & A with Gabriel Simon & Alaa “Zak” Noweihed
5:01pm – 5:07pmPrisoner’s Skin
Directed by: Maria Alvarez
Prisoner’s skin documents the danger of how women are represented in the media and how this influences the ways women are treated in the real world.
5:07pm – 5:13pmBurn
Directed by: Maria Alvarez
A girl’s journey back into the experiences she shared at boarding school in the past. 
5:13pm – 5:18pmQ & A
5:18pm – 5:27pmThe Service Elevator
Directed by: Lee Trull
On her way to a life-changing meeting, Claire takes a moment of meditation in the quiet solitude of the service elevator. Her focus is interrupted when she is abruptly joined by a manic stranger. Claire struggles to regain her calm, finding peace in the knowledge that elevator rides don’t last an eternity. Then, between floors, the elevator stops. The next few minutes feel like eternity as Claire unexpectedly finds herself at a crossroad. She did not plan for this.
5:27pm – 5:31pmSound is Lovv – Take Me With You
Directed by: Jon Mancinetti
Music Video
5:31pm – 5:36pmUnwanted
Directed by: Erin Brown
Music Video
5:36pm – 5:41pmQ & A
5:41pm – 5:46pmSangeeta Kaur – Ardas Bhaee
Directed by: Fabien Mortorell
Music Video
5:46pm – 5:51pmQ & A
5:51pm – 5:53pmRefugee Camp
Directed by: Saeed Naghavian
In search of a better life?
5:53pm – 6:05pmPet
Directed by: Chris Moraitis
Dimitris (a 10 years old boy) is the only child of a rich family. The only person that took care of him, his grandma, is dead. Now his only companion is his pet guinea pig. When Dimitris? parents decide a cruel future for him, Dimitris in order to survive he ?cripples? the most pure side of himself.
6:05pm – 6:15pmJust this Once
Directed by: Mohammad Hassan Shahmohammadi
A teenage boy claims that Dorsa, the girl next doo, has beaten him up. Dorsa rejects his claim.
6:15pm – 6:19pmNews from the Sun
Directed by: Smyth Brothers
An apocalyptic narrative unfolds through the words of “The Sun”, a British tabloid created by media mogul Rupert Murdoch. 4000 single frames were exposed, unedited, and accompanied with the pulsing rhythms of the sun collected by NASA, resembling the Buddhist “Om”, the sound of our universe.
6:19pm – 6:34pmMenacing Matrimony
Directed by: Molade Balogun
Be a fly on the wall of the darkly comedic wedding anniversary of an eccentric couple who just aren’t feeling the love. Jacob’s quirky attempts to gain Elizabeth’s attention take a desperate turn in this “unusual” love story.
6:34pm – 6:39pmQ & A with Molade Balgun and Sandi Brinn
6:39pm – 6:58pmThe Things We Do They Don’t Understand
Directed by: Ashley Michel Hoban
A short film about a girl who finds herself having breakfast with the Spanish-speaking mother of her one-night stand.
6:58pm – 7:09pmIt Gets Better?
Directed by: Stephen Riscica
An older gay man is inspired to record a testimonial after watching a bisexual teenager’s video, assuring him that ‘It Gets Better.’
7:09pm – 7:14pmQ & A with Stephen Riscica
7:14pm – 7:22pmHelp Me Tech Support
Directed by: Mindy Denniger
While test driving a vehicle, a woman turns to a call center employee for help.
7:22pm – 7:44pmThe Radical Jew
Directed by: Noam Osband
Baruch Marzel is one of the leaders of Israel’s far-right.  Living in Hebron, the most violent city in the Israel-Palestine conflict, his activism and antics have made him a household name within Israel, yet he remains relatively unknown outside the region. In this Errol Morris-esque film, Baruch invites us into his psyche, sharing with us the viewpoints and life experiences that have led the United States and Israeli governments to label him a terrorist.
7:44pm – 7:49pmSipped
Directed by: Freddie Connor
Sipped is a dark farcical comedy centered around George, a downtrodden middle aged man with no prospects or friends. He unexpectedly discovers that he can control his neighbors like puppets through his coffee cup, one sip at a time.
7:49pm – 7:54pmQ & A with Freddie Connor
7:54pm – 8:30pmBest of the 6th Annual Short. Sweet. Film Fest